Emily Ratajkowski flaunts in Sebastian’s arms!


Emily Ratajkowski is a fulfilled woman. On the Web, the star immortalized her baby bump alongside her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

At the moment, Emily Ratajkowski is on cloud nine. Indeed, the star is expecting her 1st child. This Monday, January 11, she also posed alongside her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard on Instagram. And the couple looked radiant.

We no longer present Emily Ratajkowski! A model by profession, it was when she appeared – in 2013 – in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video that her notoriety exploded. Since then everything is rolling for her.

A born boss, the top model is also at the head of her own label “Inamorata” which is all the rage with her community. Every year, her fans tear up all the ranges of her swimsuits.

Without forgetting, all the collections of its alluring lingerie sets. In 2019 for “Vogue”, Emily Ratajkowski opened up about her business.

“I created the @inamoratawoman brand myself. And I own it entirely. I design, photograph, direct creation, develop strategies and finance Inamorata ”, confided the incendiary brunette not without pride.

But also: “I’m lucky to have a great partner who is incredibly good at managing production and sales. She also happens to be my best friend I’ve known since my freshman year of high school.

And to conclude: “We are THE dynamic duo behind Inamorata. “In his private life, the star is also totally satisfied.

For several years, the businesswoman has shared the life of Sebastian Bear-McClard. And their happiness is a pleasure to see. Yesterday via her Instagram story, she immortalized herself alongside her man. The proof in pictures!


As you can see, Emily Ratajkowski proudly displayed her baby bump with her other half. And the couple are not really alone!

Indeed, their dog Colombo also took the pose for this pretty photo. There is no doubt that the fans of the star loved this incredible shot.

On the Web, its subscribers can’t wait to discover the little face of her unborn baby. And the bets are on!

Is it a boy or a girl ?! To this day, no one knows.

Emily Ratajkowski spoke openly about her pregnancy last October for “Vogue”.

“When my husband and I told our friends that I was pregnant, their 1st question after saying ‘congratulations’ was, ‘You know what you want’? the star had fun.

And to explain: “We told them we did not want to know the sex of our child until he was 18 years old. And that we would let them know at that time. Everyone laughed ”.


The latest news is that Emily Ratajkowski should give birth in spring 2021! On the Web, many Internet users point out that the star is radiant in all her photos.

If the pretty brunette has already done some shopping before the arrival of her baby, the model has given very little information about him. What we do know is that she wants to instill a non-gendered education in him.

“The truth is, we finally have no idea who – rather than what – is growing in my stomach,” she told reporters at “Vogue”. “Who will this person be?” What kind of person will we become parents to? “.

But also: “How will they change our lives and who we are? It is a wonderful and terrifying concept, which makes us both helpless and humble. ” No doubt she will be a very caring mom. Case to be continued we tell you!


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