Emily Ratajkowski is a fan of the feminist series Mrs. America on Netflix!


On the Web, Emily Ratajkowski reveals everything to her fans. The blogger then appears as a very big fan of the series “Mrs. America”!

Released on April 15, 2020, the Mrs. series America is a huge success! Among his biggest fans, we find Emily Ratajkowski who never tires of it!

Very active on social networks, Emily Ratajkowski is even more so in this period of crisis. For his fans, this is a real bargain.

They follow his adventures en masse on the Web. It must be said that the star of the net is very successful.

It’s simple, everyone loves it. As a result, it has no less than 26 million followers on Instagram. Just that !

Between photoshoots, moments with her sweetheart, or even her outfits for the day, internet users have no time to get bored.

Besides, they do not hesitate to display the admiration they have for him. With each appearance, Emily Ratajkowski is unanimous!

However, it is with a series that the blogger recently made the talk. She then appears as a very big fan of Mrs. America!

Through social networks, Emily Ratajkowski reveals everything to her fans. Not long ago, she did not hesitate to reveal her favorite series of the moment.

You will understand, it is therefore Mrs. America! Released on April 15, 2020, it is a huge success!

In her Instagram story, the blogger therefore shared a few images to which the series refers.

She also took the opportunity to encourage Internet users to watch it. “I’m obsessed with Mrs America, you should all watch.”

Very involved in the fight for gender equality, Emily Ratajkowski could not help but appreciate this masterpiece.

He therefore invites his fans to watch the series. We let you discover his story!


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