Emily Ratajkowski: her dog Colombo always makes her fall in love!


In the story of her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski is always as gaga of her dog. She cannot separate from him!

After a long trip to the river, Emily Ratajkowski’s dog, Colombo, died of fatigue. She can’t help filming her sleeping but still super cute face!

From furballs, they turn into loveballs, pots of glue but above all best friends! All dog owners will recognize themselves through this sentence.

Yes, parting with your adorable four-legged friend is impossible for some people. And you have to believe that this is the case with Emily Ratajkowski.

Indeed, the pretty 28 year old brunette cannot stay far from her big doggie, Colombo. You would have understood it ; she is completely gaga and addicted to him! And we understand why. He’s way too cute!

So it’s not uncommon for Emily Ratajkowski to share photos and videos of her dog. The young woman could spend hours immortalizing their moments of bond!

Moreover, the top model, known for her appearance in the clip “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams, reoffends on her Instagram account.

To pass the time, Emily Ratajkowski and her darling Sébastien Bear McClard take a little trip to the river. After all, it’s important to cool off in this heat!

But of course, the couple refuse to walk without their dog. Besides, the model takes the opportunity to give her a nice photo in the water. He is too beautiful !

However, the walk completely completed it! Yes, the big dog needs a lot of sleep to recover from this long day.

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While her dog shows a sleeping head, Emily Ratajkowski melts completely in front of her little face! So the pretty brunette can’t help filming him.

“He is so tired from our adventure yesterday,” said the young woman. Yep, we don’t all have the same physical endurance Emrata, by her nickname on Instagram!


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