Emily Ratajkowski Criticized Ellen DeGeneres For “Spoiling” Taylor Swift Interview


Emily Ratajkowski criticized Ellen DeGeneres for a “spoiled” interview with Taylor Swift.

The model and author took to social media to comment on a re-appeared clip in which DeGeneres asks Swift about her dates during the Ellen DeGeneres show in 2012.

The talk show host showed Swift photos of men she was reportedly dating, asking her to ring a bell to confirm if they were officially involved.

“I don’t want to [do this]. They will send me angry emails, and I don’t want to receive them,” the singer said in the original interview.

“Wait, wait, wait! It makes me feel so bad,” she continued. “Every time I come here, you put another dude on the screen, and it just makes me think about what I stand for as a person.”

Ratajkowski was among many who criticized the interview in a clip that appeared on TikTok. “It’s so fucked up,” she wrote. “She’s literally begging her to stop.”


Meanwhile, Taylor Swift recently confirmed that she is rehearsing for her “Eras” tour.

Swift confirmed the news in her Instagram story last Thursday (January 5), according to Billboard. The singer said she was “taking a break from tour rehearsals” to tell fans about the 12-hour fast sale of exclusive digital copies of her latest album, “Midnights,” which included bonus material “behind the song” for the album’s four tracks. .


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