Emily Ratajkowski very committed: She reveals her ballot


On her Instagram account, Emily Ratajkowski, very committed, shares everything with her fans! During this electoral period, she speaks politics!

For “Super Tuesday”, Emily Ratajkowski, very committed, reveals her political opinion on her Instagram account . She asks her fans to vote!

The US presidential election is fast approaching! Next November, the United States votes for its next President. But before that, there is a long way to go! Like “Super Tuesday” . Indeed, this is the most important step for Democrats!

At the top of the ranking? Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont! Besides, she is Emily Ratajkowski’s favorite candidate ! The young woman is passionate about politics! So, you have to believe that it is very committed! On her Instagram account, she reveals it to her fans!

No, the model does not publish only half-naked photos of her! The proof ! Emily Ratajkowski has more than 25 million followers on Instagram . So to encourage her fans to vote, the very committed young woman publishes a special selfie !

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Tomorrow is Super Tuesday which means 1357 pledged delegates (33.8% of the nationwide total) are up for grabs. I voted in California via absentee ballot for @berniesanders! For far too long the political establishment has sacrificed the interests of the people for those of corporations and billionaires. That’s why we have a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world, an environmental disaster on our hands and millions of people in insurmountable debt who’ve been denied fundamental human rights like health care and education. A Democracy means one person, one vote, not billionaires buying elections. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to restore our democracy and make our country prioritize the interests of its citizens. Go vote!

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In the photo, Emily Ratajkowski holds a ballot in her hand . In the legend of her publication, the young woman reveals voting in California for “Super Tuesday” . Besides, her picture caused a sensation! Indeed, the photo obtains 462,000 likes in just a few hours!

Angry, the young woman does not stop there. So, she criticizes! The reason ? According to the model, billionaires run the company! And they don’t think about the interests of the people! So she highlights the problems of her country! First, the rate of incarceration. It is the highest in the world! In addition, “health care and education”. Their access is bad!

For Emily Ratajkowski , there is no doubt! The United States does not represent a democracy! The reason ? Billionaires buy the votes! So the young woman wants change! But how does it do it? It’s very simple ! She posts a message on her Instagram account! Indeed, the model has more than 25 million subscribers. So, the young woman asks her fans to vote!