Emily Ratajkowski in chill mode: she poses in bed with her dog Colombo!


Emily Ratajkowski released a new photo on Instagram. The star appears on waking with his dog Colombo. Discover the cliché!

Emily Ratajkowski continues to fascinate the canvas with her photos. This time, the pretty brunette appears in bed with her dog Colombo. This amazing shot therefore greatly pleased his fans. We let you discover…

Emily Ratajkowski is crazy about Colombo. Indeed, she publishes many photos of her dog on social networks. The animal is now a real star on the canvas! It must be said that the latter is often present alongside Emily. And this does not seem to displease internet users!

Yesterday, the pretty brunette took the pose again with her pet. And surprise! They are then displayed in bed in the early morning. Unbelievable ! As usual, Emily Ratajkowski is ultra sexy. She stares at the lens with a devastating look. She also lets glimpse her ultra flat stomach and her concrete abs. Colombo is lying next to her and looking at the camera too. We love !

Internet users are therefore more than 500,000 to like the photo. But that’s not all ! The latter do not hesitate to compliment the duo. ” This is so cute. What a beautiful dog “,” I want to be in his place “,” This photo is perfect “,” You are too beautiful “can we read in comments. Something to delight Emily Ratajkowski! Again, the influencer is unanimous!

The pretty brunette knows how to please her fans. Indeed, it bombards social networks with sublime photos. Between her travels, her darling, or her dream body, Emily Ratajkowski makes the canvas dream. It then had 25 million subscribers. The young woman is the queen of Instagram. And we understand why ! It may surprise us for the holiday season. We can’t wait to see his next photos. Not you ?