Emily Ratajkowski caused a sensation on Instagram


Emily Ratajkowski caused a sensation on Instagram. Indeed, the influencer posted a photo of her topless on her account. We love !

Emily Ratajkowski created a surprise on Instagram. And for good reason, the star posted a photo of her more than sexy in her story. We can see the mannequin posed topless. A shot that did not go unnoticed by the fans. And we can imagine that they loved it!

Once is not custom, Emily Ratajkowski has ignited the Instagram planet. Indeed, the model is not new to sexy photos. It is even thanks to this that it is so popular. Since then, the star has known how to play it and even become a business manager thanks to that!

Her popularity on Insta as a model allowed her to create her own brand Inamorata . The latter is a brand of swimwear, underwear and ready-to-wear. And we can say that Em Rata is very professional!

As a result, Emily Ratajkowski’s brand made a splash near its community . Her fans can now wear the same things as their idol! And who better than herself to promote her products? Very often, Em Rata indeed takes a break for her creations.

We remember, for example, last year’s campaign. A year under the sign of the 80s while fluorescent! Emily Ratajkowski is about to release her next one! In addition, the beautiful even found a place to install the offices of her company. Her business continues to materialize.

Emily Ratajkowski then posed as an Insta story wearing simple pants. The beautiful is in profile and holds the chest with one hand. Her other hand lowers her low a little. The top is superb as well as the light of the golden hour which puts her face in value!


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