Emily Ratajkowski boycots a festival in Saudi Arabia: find out why!


Emily Ratajkowski will not be going to a festival in Saudi Arabia. And this for a reason which is close to the heart of the star and his values.

Emily Ratajkowski is a woman of values. And she intends to honor them. Indeed, the Insta star and model does not say yes to all events. When invited to a festival in Saudi Arabia, the star declined the invitation. And that for reasons that went against his values.

Like a whole bunch of influencers, stars, etc., Emily Ratajkowski was invited to a music festival. The latter, whose name is MDL Beast, ended on December 22 in Riyadh. A moment that invited the greatest DJs.

Thus, the revelers were able to dance to the rhythm of David Guetta, Steve Aoki. FKJ or David August. As guests, we could see Joan Smalls, Alessandro Ambrosio. Or the famous actors Ed Westick and Armie Hammer. But a person was missing …

The star Emily Ratajkowski shone by her absence. Because in the same way as The Guardian, it denounces this festival. And for good reason, Saudi Arabia flouts human rights. And that Em Rata does not endorse it.

Therefore, Emily Ratajkowski wanted to explain: “It is very important for me to make my support for women’s rights evident. The LGBTQ community. Freedom of expression or freedom of the press. I hope that bringing it up will shed light on all the injustices that are happening there. ”

This is not the first time that Emily Ratajkowski has taken up a position in politics. Indeed, the young woman is very often committed to women’s rights. Em Rata is so tired that we find her too sexy to be able to debate. She does not hesitate to criticize the policy of the head of his country Donald Trump. Em Rata has no tongue in his pocket!



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