Emily Ratajkowski: Billie Eilish is one of her favorite singers


Emily Ratajkowski finds herself quarantine to her home. The starlet gave voice to her fans and Billie Eilish is her favorite singer! Emily Ratajkowski finds herself quarantined to her home with her husband. The starlet said she was a big fan of Billie Eilish.

For several weeks, the coronavirus has been raging all over the world. Thus, countries close in on themselves and people have to limit their movements.

Emily Ratajkowski respects the rules and the starlet does not put the nose outside. She finds herself quarantined with her husband, Sebastian Bear McClard and their dog.

The star takes the time to play with her pet and spends a lot of time with her darling. Then there are a few activities like listening to music or even reading books.

However, Emily Ratajkowski remains very active on social networks. The starlet tries to entertain her fans and therefore gives them the floor. A few hours ago, the star answered questions from the fans.

Emily Ratajkowski let her fans ask her a few questions. Thus, the latter were able to learn more about her. The model unveiled her favorite painting as well as her film and her favorite season.

She said she enjoys summer and prefers to go to the beach rather than the mountains. Then, she also made a top five of her favorite singers. The starlet was very inspired but it seems that she is a big fan of Billie Eilish.

In fact, in her top 5 favorite singers, we find Billie Eilish first. The 18-year-old singer seems to have caught the eye of the model. However, she also said that she liked Doja Cat, Rosalia, Tierra Whack and SZA very much.

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Thus, fans will be able to discover the favorite singers of Emily Ratajkowski . The latter seems to have good musical tastes and it is clear that fans will look into these singers.


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