Emily in Paris: This is why Lily Collins accepted the role in the Netflix series


The second season of Emily in Paris has just premiered on the Netflix streaming platform, and it follows the story of American Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) as she moves to Paris to work at a French marketing company called Savoir.

In the second installment, this young girl started having problems at work, making friends, and even getting involved in a love triangle. Viewers say it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Lily Collins in the title role. To the surprise of many, Collins revealed that she convinced her to accept the project.

In one of the interviews, Lily Collins talked about what Emily does that has encouraged her to want to take on her role. In other words, it all came down to Emily’s determination. Collins said, “She sees ‘no’ as a comma, not a period.” Her insistence on wanting to achieve her goals is what really motivated the young actress.

Lily Collins even managed to identify herself with her new character in Emily in Paris, as she reported that she received many test rejections early in her career. Emily’s persistent nature reminded Collins of her decision to continue acting despite the first “no’s” she received from her. She explained, “If she had accepted these ‘nos,’ she wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.”

In addition to this story, another of the things that most caught the attention of Lily was that this Netflix series was the work of Darren Starr, who also worked on the HBO series, Sex and the City. Collins says that “Darren has an eye for creating fantasy worlds where audiences like to disappear while tackling related and fun topics.”

However, Emily’s second season in Paris divided the fans. On social media, some fans stressed: “In theory, Emily in Paris could be a great show. Sailing away from home, learning a new language and culture, showcasing the best of European fashion … instead, it’s a horrible, America-centric cartoon. ”

On the other hand, another of the fans answered with great irony the following: “Emily in Paris is literally so bad. But here I am, having accidentally watched the entire second season in one night. “