Emily Blunt Shared a Funny Look at John Krasinski, Who May Have Been Named The Sexiest Man Alive After Co-star Chris Evans Received The Title


You can make an amazing number of comparisons between this year’s sexiest man Chris Evans and the star of “The Office” John Krasinski. They’re both from Boston. They both worked with Emily Blunt. They both played members of the Fantastic Four. And they both auditioned for the role of Captain America, Evans got the part, and Krasinski still felt a little sting of rejection. Now, after Evans was voted the sexiest man alive, his co-star and Krasinski’s wife Emily Blunt has weighed the possibility that her hubby will become the next sexiest man alive, which would add another item to the list of similarities between the actors.

During a conversation with ET, the actress was asked that her husband might be named the sexiest man alive. She responded excitedly, saying that if that happened, they would “own it and our whole house would be papered over.”

I like that the actress will be the number one fan of her husband, who deserves the title of the sexiest man in the world. Although Evans was very modest and a little shy of his title, it looks like the couple will accept the title and share it with pride. I mean, who wouldn’t want their husband to be called a sexist by People Magazine during his lifetime? Also, given Blunt and Krasinskis’ amazing sense of humor as a couple, I’m sure this will be an interesting year of their humble bragging rights.

Emily Blunt Says Chris Evans Was 'Secretly Thrilled' to Be Named 'Sexiest Man Alive' (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

As for Evans, he is connected to the house of Blunt-Krasinski, so Blunt found out about his title before all of us. He just worked with the actress on the upcoming film Pain Hustlers. He also starred alongside the “Office” star in a hilarious Hyundai Super Bowl commercial back in 2020, where they were supposed to showcase their Boston accents. Since they all know each other, Blunt told her how Evans reacted to his new nickname, saying:

I think he was a little embarrassed, but secretly delighted. Who wouldn’t be thrilled?

Blunt’s answer adds to the list of big names whose reaction to Evans’ new title was at the A+ level. Taika Waititi, Justin Long and Simu Liu left memorable comments on the actor’s post from “Get Knives”. In addition, the sexiest man alive, Paul Rudd, along with Evan’s “Avengers” colleague Jeremy Renner, also expressed their support for their friend. So while Evans may be a little shy of his title, his famous friends brag about him with their hilarious comments and congratulatory posts.

When it comes to Krasinski, I can well imagine him taking the title away from People at some point. It’s unclear if he will reprise his role as Reed Richards in any upcoming Marvel films. However, if he continued working at the MCU, he could reach a wider audience and show everyone what he has to become the leader of the Fantastic Four and the sexiest man alive.

If you want to see the sexiest man alive this year, you can see him in the role of Captain America by watching Marvel movies in order with a Disney+ subscription. You’ll also be able to see him and Emily Blunt in Pain Hustlers in the near future, so keep an eye on the movie schedule for 2023.

As for the future of the sexiest man alive, according to Blunt, you can catch Krasinski in the latest season of “Jack Ryan” with an Amazon Prime subscription, and also watch him and Blunt in a “Quiet Place” with a Paramount+ subscription.


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