Emilia Clarke will have to wait before playing in the theater!


Emilia Clarke has just announced the news to her fans on Instagram: the actress will not be back on the stage anytime soon!

Emilia Clarke will have to wait a little while before coming back on stage! Indeed, the play The Seagull is delayed due to the current pandemic…

Anya Reiss’ adaptation of Chekhov’s play, The Seagull, will not be released immediately! A decision that Emilia Clarke revealed herself via her Instagram account! Indeed, the actress was THE star of the play!

Thus, the press release specifies all the same that the play will see the day from the moment of the reopening of the Playhouse Theater in London…. All that remains is to be patient!

” We will come back ! »Emilia Clarke wrote in legend of her post where she announced the news! A publication that made a splash on Instagram! Indeed, his fans wanted to cheer him up!


Like each of the posts of the famous Emilia Clarke, her many fans responded in the comments! Indeed, they wanted to comfort the actress from the legendary series Game of Thrones!

We therefore invite you to read some comments, each more adorable than the other! “Don’t worry Emilia! We will wait … And above all, you will come back stronger than ever on the boards! ”

“I can’t wait to see you back in the limelight!” “I’ve never seen this room! I will reserve my illico tickets as soon as possible! “Emilia, we know you’re going back on the boards!” So in the meantime, rest! ”

Can we read on the social network of the sublime Emilia Clarke! Ultra benevolent messages that should warm the heart of the actress who is obviously very anxious to resume service!

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