Emilia Clarke victim of school harassment: She tells!


Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke is said to have been the victim of school harassment, notably because of her thick eyebrows.

Life is not all rosy for the flagship actress of Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke has just confided. She says in particular that she was harassed at a young age!

Blake Lively, Selena Gomez, Kate Winslet and even Léa Élui , many people have experienced school harassment. Moreover, the Frenchwoman most followed by Instagram explained the reasons on the Clique set just a few days ago. Thanks to social networks, she therefore took her revenge on the wickedness of others and now feels good about herself. But this time, it’s Emilia Clarke who is confiding .

The interpreter of the sulphurous Daenerys in the Game of Thrones series also admits to having been harassed. Not long ago, she also revealed her uneasiness with regard to difficult scenes . Indeed, the nude sequences did not please Emilia Clarke at all . Today, she finally dares to reveal the complicated moments of her life and she talks about her young age.


Emilia Clarke therefore confessed that the students of her school made fun of her because of her physique! A revelation that seems impossible since most fans find the young woman quite charming. However, the wickedness of college students can sometimes be brutal. Indeed, they were baited on the actress because of her eyebrows … According to them, these had a disadvantageous form and above all, they were much too supplied!

To successfully stop the gossip, Emilia Clarke even wanted to change her appearance. Alerted by the situation, her mother would therefore have refused this whim! Very proud not to have listened to the others , the actress took a beautiful revenge on all these bad people. And Bam !


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