Emilia Clarke recounts her worst experiences with her fans!


Hard to be a star! After Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke experienced it with fans … She tells it a little sad!

Being a star is not easy every day … Emilia Clarke has paid the price with some fans! The Game of Thrones actress tells it with a certain sadness … We understand!

Daenerys hadn’t planned it that way … She often finds herself bored. “When I signed, I never imagined that I should have so many moments with people we don’t know. We’re not ready for this. ”

Emilia Clarke therefore delivers her “disturbing” moments… “When you leave your house, you therefore have to live with it. And it’s your responsibility. But it’s not always easy … “Even more so if some fans get heavy …

Especially in the street. “When they catch you physically, nature takes over. “Especially since the people around don’t understand either …

Because anonymity, we can also take advantage of it! But embodying Daenerys, it breaks everything … The girl is therefore easily found in front of fans. Recognized, it thus loses its means a little … And its fans are also pressing.

Worse: a girl is sometimes used to having hard times on the street … Emilia Clarke had therefore already known stalkers. But since it has gained notoriety, fans have been doing worse than before …

“When someone follows you on the street, or worse, harasses you … you just say to yourself” I’m just going to try not to take it too seriously. But fans can be even more pressing…

And Emilia Clarke delivers bad times in an interview. “With stardom, I have to deal with harassment … But it’s worse. Because as a woman, I already feel like I am being followed all the time. “


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