Emilia Clarke Had a Hilarious Reaction to The A+ When Asked If She Had Watched House of the Dragon


While “House of the Dragon” broke HBO records for the number of views, and many were fascinated by the “Game of Thrones” prequel, the Mother of Dragons herself could not watch the series about her Targaryen ancestors. And instead of just saying that she didn’t watch it or didn’t want to watch it, Emilia Clarke got a hilarious answer to the top five why she didn’t tune in to the mega-hit prequel “Game of Thrones.”

In an interview with Variety, Clarke was asked if she had already watched HOTD. The actress thought about her answer for a second, fidgeted nervously, and then said cheerfully:

No… [laughs] It’s too weird. I’m so happy that this is happening, I’m so over the moon with all the rewards for everyone who did it. Miguel Sapochnik, who created and made it, I love it. Brilliant, wonderful. I just can’t do it. It’s so weird. It’s so weird. It’s so weird.

When I talked to people who thought “Dragon House” was too much or “too weird,” it was usually because they didn’t like how cruel and incestuous it was. I mean, even the cast of the show acknowledged how stressful it is. For example, Millie Alcock talked about filming a tense scene in a brothel where extras “stuck in the 69 position for 12 hours,” and Matt Smith also said that creating a show can sometimes be very difficult. So it would make sense if that’s why Clarke didn’t want to watch the series.

However, that’s not why she avoided the show. The actress said that the reason why she does not watch the series is very personal and closely related to “Game of Thrones”. Clark said:

It’s like someone saying, “Do you want to go to a reunion that’s not in your class?” [laughs]. Do you want to go back to the reunion?” That’s about how it feels. I avoid it.

To fully enjoy Clarke’s hilarious response, you can watch it here:


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 You know, I understand. If I were Clarke, I would think it would be weird to watch a series that is so closely related to her character. I mean, the Targaryen family tree is, to put it mildly, confusing, and it would be strange to watch actors play out Daenerys’ ancestral stories after she was taken away from Westeros for so long. I also think her comparison to a high school reunion that doesn’t belong to you makes complete sense, and while I’d love to hear her thoughts on HOTD, I respect her decision not to watch the series.

Although Clarke can’t watch “House of the Dragon,” her “Game of Thrones” partner Kit Harington liked it. The actress told ET Canada:

I, yes, I really enjoy it. My friend Miguel showed it, so I really like it. I think they did a fantastic job.

Clearly, it depends on the specific case when it comes to how the actors of “Game of Thrones” relate to the larger GOT universe. While Clark avoids it, Harington not only loves HOTD, but is in the process of returning to Westeros as Jon Snow in a new sequel series.

In conclusion, although Clarke is not fully sold on HOTD, you can watch the popular prequel “Game of Thrones” and its predecessor with an HBO Max subscription. In addition, if you want to see what actress Daenerys Targaryen is doing right now, she is going to play the main role in Marvel’s “Secret Invasion”, which is on the TV schedule for 2023.


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