Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) now refuses selfies with fans!


Famous Game of Throne actress Emilia Clarke tells why she no longer wants to take selfies with her fans!

Guest of the Table manners with Jessie Ware podcast on December 18, 2019 actress Emilia Clarke explained that she no longer wants to take selfies with her fans. In particular because of an event, we explain to you!

This is sad news for fans of Emilia Clarke. Especially for those who will not have had a selfie in time! Indeed, the actress is very clear on this subject, she will no longer take a selfie with her admirers. However she explains accepting autographs! From the moment you sign something, you have an interaction with the person. You ask him for his first name, a connection is established. “Explains the mother of dragons, who is right in what she says!

The actress therefore continues her logic: “Contrary to what happens when you take a selfie which is probably not pleasant for them or for you” she justifies herself. This decision was made when she had to manage a panic attack. The Game Of Thrones actress therefore has every reason to refuse those who want to get too close to her!

Indeed, Emilia Clarke recounts what happened to traumatize her. She explains that she was on the phone with her mother, in tears at the airport during the filming period of the series. a fan then approaches her asking for a selfie without even taking into account that she was in bad shape. “I was crying and this guy was there” Can I take a selfie? “I replied,” I can’t breathe, I’m sorry. ” After a while I said to myself “I don’t know how to handle this”.

The one who plays Khaleesi in Game of Thrones still seems to be marked by this episode! “I signed for celebrity. I’m trying to figure out how to [build relationships with my fans] without feeling like my soul is completely empty. “Says Emilia Clarke who seems to be much more valuable than other actors!



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