Emilia Clarke back in Star Wars: fans thrilled with the idea of ​​a Solo 2!


Emilia Clarke starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story a few years ago. Fans hope to have a second film with the actress.

Emilia Clarke was fortunate enough to star in the Star Wars saga. Nevertheless, the film centered on Solo has been under rated for many people and fans want a second part.

Emilia Clarke made a name for herself by playing Daenerys in the Game of Thrones series. The actress was a huge success and it allowed her to take off in her career. Besides, she had the chance to play in a blockbuster.

Indeed, in 2018, Emilia starred in the famous Star Wars saga around the film of Han Solo. In Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans were able to learn more about the story of the iconic character in the universe of George Lucas.

Thus, we found Han Solo younger, in his adventures, where he meets Chewbacca as well as Lando. However, the fans were able to follow her beautiful love story with Qi’ra above all.

It’s Emilia Clarke who played Han Solo’s friend and all the fans loved this beautiful story between the two characters. However, the Star Wars spin-off was not a huge success and many fans shunned the film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story with Emilia Clarke only made $ 392 million at the world box office. So the numbers are disappointing for Disney and production has experienced this as a failure.

The writers said there was little chance of a second installment being released. Nevertheless, fans all want to know what becomes of Qi’ra. Indeed, the end leaves a huge mystery about this character.

So, on Twitter, Star Wars fans finally wake up. During the confinement, the latter launched a hashtag “# MakeSolo2Happen”. Then, many of them left messages and begged Disney to do a second part.

“Solo doesn’t deserve all the hatred he gets,” said a fan, demanding a second film with Emilia Clarke. “All I think about watching Solo again is that we desperately need more Qi’ra,” said another fan.

So, could Qi’ra be entitled to her own film in the Star Wars universe? Solo fans hope this will happen in the years to come. Finally, Disney has left no comments.


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