HBO has never been cut when it comes to fiction of sex and nudes. The payment channel that produces some of the best series of the moment is not cut when teaching any part of the anatomy of an actor or actress. Nor do they cut a hair when shooting sex scenes very upturned. Either because of the explicit nature of the scene or because of the unconventional nature of the sexual moment – threesomes, orgies, novel sexual practices – hot scenes in some chapters usually give much to talk about. A situation that not all interpreters end up liking and that does not happen only in the filming of the production giant. And if not, ask Emilia Clarke.

The actress who gave life to Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones confessed to several media that she felt uncomfortable shooting some of her sequences. Something like if she had felt compelled to be naked so as not to disappoint the fans of the franchise.
One of the key points of this guide is the mutual consensus between actors and producers demanding an explicit consent of the actor or actress to show their nakedness to the world of being able to modify the script as long as the interpreters do not feel comfortable with uploaded scenes of tone.

HBO has no problem or modesty when it comes to completely undressing its characters, whether male or female. Normalize what is normal. But for future productions on British soil, it will have a tighter framework to adhere to so that actors and actresses can give their opinion.

Although the case arose after the words of Emilia Clarke, this guide has not been made only thinking of the producer of Game of Thrones but all those who work in film and television in the United Kingdom.


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