Emerging Model in Bitcoin and XRP Promises Rising


Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP seem to be the best cryptocurrencies that are carefully watched by their communities and often mentioned on Twitter. The BTC community hopes that after the halving event expected to take place on May 12, the Fed’s trillions of dollars will reach new heights in the near future with the push of trillions of dollars.

Today, a major crypto trader has shared the chart of BTC and XRP, and said that this cryptocurrency has created an ascending ‘Diamond Bottom’ model (Diamond Bottom).

Bull’s Best Friend
Crypto investor and analyst ‘Credible Crypto’ posted a tweet showing that Bitcoin and XRP created a ‘Diamond Bottom’ (a bull pattern) on the charts. The analyst’s targets for Bitcoin and XRP prices are $ 10,500 and $ 0.39 to $ 0.47 regions, respectively. The analyst admits that these bullish transformations can take time. Other traders disagree.

A Great Move Down
@TraderEscobar believes that Bitcoin is about to make a big downward move. The area that BTC expects to land is close to $ 6,000.

Another trader shared the possibility of a drop in Bitcoin prices in the near future. ‘JOKER’ said that he expects a bearish trend to occur soon, and then BTC will probably drop to the level of 6 thousand 200-6 thousand dollars.

Analyst Michael van de Poppe shared his negative opinion for some time:

“Bitcoin can’t go above $ 6 thousand 900-6 thousand 950 and this confirms my downward trend. Let’s look at how to react to $ 6,500 from here, but mainly the monthly level is around $ 6,350. But passing 6 thousand 900 dollars changes the situation. ”

Poppe added the following statements to his words: “Five years ago, 1 BTC was worth $ 200. Now 6 thousand 800 dollars. And in the next five years it will be even higher and play a more important role in our money system. ”


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