Emergency Aid will resume if there is a 2nd wave covid-19


Economy Minister Paulo Guedes announced on Thursday (12) that the government may extend emergency aid if Brazil suffers a second wave of 19 covi-19s. In this case, he confirmed that the measures to contain the virus will be the same.

However, the minister expects spending to be reduced. “Instead of 10% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we may spend 4%”, predicts the minister. Although he guaranteed that the Executive is prepared to react against the covid-19 again, Guedes clarified that the extension of the emergency aid is not the priority plan. This is because, despite the growing number of cases, the government does not expect a 2nd wave.

Resources for Bolsa Família

The original plan of the Ministry of Economy is to finalize the payment of emergency aid on December 31 – when the state of public calamity, determined in March of this year, also ends.

After this period, the focus should return to Bolsa Família or its possible replacement, Renda Brasil – which, for now, has been disregarded. “Politically, the program (Renda Brasil) was not considered satisfactory by the president. In the middle of the election, it was not time to have this discussion ”, said Guedes.

Brazil will adopt the same strategies

If the government’s expectation is frustrated and infections grow alarmingly, Brazil will decree a state of public calamity again and emergency aid will be recreated. “Extension of emergency aid, if there is a second wave, it is not a possibility, it is certain,” said Guedes, in a virtual event promoted by the Brazilian Supermarket Association (Abras).

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It is worth remembering that, since March, the government has released R $ 580 billion for measures to combat covid-19. “If a second wave comes, we will know how to react again, as we did the first time. What we cannot do is, out of cowardice, politicking (…), try to continue spending far beyond our financial capacity, ”he said.


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