Emergency aid starts on April 6: 4 installments 250 R $


In a press conference held on Wednesday (31), the federal government confirmed that the new round of emergency aid begins to be paid on April 6, on Tuesday of next week. The amounts transferred will be an average of R $ 250, varying according to the composition of each family.

The Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, explained that Brazilians will be able to check if they will have access to the benefit as of April 1. The consultation can be done on the Dataprev website, which can be accessed here.

In addition, the president of Caixa Econômica Federal, Pedro Guimarães, said that the first payment of the benefit will be deposited directly in people’s digital accounts. The measure aims to avoid agglomerations in banks, as withdrawals will only be released several weeks later.

As previously announced, the new emergency aid will be paid in 4 installments. Families that are headed by women will receive R $ 375 in each installment. People who live alone will receive values ​​of R $ 150. Meanwhile, families that are not headed by women will receive R $ 250.

Payments will be made until July and will follow the Bolsa Família calendar. The beneficiary will receive the transfer in his / her Caixa digital savings account. Unlike last year, registration will not be opened to receive the benefit.

Among the requirements adopted by the government are that the family that will receive must have a total income of up to 3 minimum wages per month. Persons with formal employment, under 18 years of age, imprisoned in a closed regime, among other publics, will not receive the money.

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In all, 45.6 million people will benefit, more than 22 million Brazilians unless they received the aid last year.


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