Emergency Aid: See Who Can Withdraw The Amount This Monday (17)


Emergency Aid: From this Monday (17), people born in December will be able to withdraw the first installment of emergency aid. The money was deposited in the beneficiaries’ savings account on April 29 and could only be used in the Caixa Tem application.

In the app, users can pay household bills, slips or purchases in virtual stores. Today, the amount can be withdrawn or transferred to another checking account, free of charge.

With the latter group withdrawing the money, the government concludes the distribution of the first installment of the aid. The second round has already started and the beneficiaries born in January have already received the amount last Sunday (16). Check the calendar:

Who receives

The new emergency aid is being paid in 4 installments. Families that are headed by women will receive R $ 375. People who live alone will receive values ​​of R $ 150 and families that are not headed by women will receive R $ 250. People who already receive welfare, labor, social security or federal programs benefits will not will receive the aid, with the exception of Bolsa Família and PIS / PASEP.

To answer questions about payment, just call Central 111 of Caixa, which is open from Monday to Sunday, from 7 am to 10 pm, or consult the website.


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