Emergency Aid: government $ 200 in three installments

The federal government is working on a new proposal to bring Emergency Aid back in 2021, which would include the payment of three monthly installments, each in the amount of R $ 200, as revealed by the commentator on Monday (8) GloboNews Gerson Camarotti.

According to the source heard by Blog do Camarotti, the program should be called Benefit of Productive Inclusion (BIP) and will serve 30 million people who are outside Bolsa Família and work informally, without a formal contract.

Also according to the publication, the three months of this new version of the aid will act as an evaluation period. If the pandemic of the new coronavirus remains with the current severity, it will be necessary to activate an “emergency clause” to guarantee the fiscal balance and continue the payment.

This clause, whose inclusion in the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the Federative Pact will be discussed by the government’s economic team with deputies and senators in the coming days, would allow spending cuts in other areas to guarantee the payment of the new installments of Emergency Aid .

Possibility of new rules

In addition to the lower amount compared to what was paid last year, when beneficiaries received installments of R $ 600 and R $ 300, the government wants to establish new requirements for those who intend to apply for the benefit, associating it with the Green Card program and Yellow.

One of the novelties foreseen is that those interested in receiving R $ 200 assistance will need to participate in a professional qualification course, made available through a partnership with Sistema S. He also cannot be receiving any other type of social assistance.

In this way, the program would cease to be an income distribution mechanism, according to Folha de S.Paulo, becoming a kind of temporary aid for informal job seekers.



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