Emergency Aid: Caixa pays today (30) the 7th installment


Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) is releasing today the seventh installment of emergency aid (for those born in January), on the first day of Cycle 4 of the payment calendar. Tomorrow (01), Cycle 3 ends, with the deposit of the sixth installment of the benefit for those who celebrate their birthday in December.

The amounts deposited in digital savings can be used for payments and purchases online or in physical establishments with the virtual debit card of Caixa Tem. Withdrawals and transfers follow a different schedule to avoid agglomerations at bank branches.

If the deposited money is not withdrawn within 90 days, it is returned to the federal coffers. Beneficiaries of Bolsa Família have a longer period to move the benefit: 270 days (or nine months). According to CEF, the return to the Union of the deposited installments does not imply the cancellation of the benefit or interfere with the payment of the following installments.

Dispute ends Monday

Next Monday (2) the deadline for those who want to contest the cancellation of the payment of the extension of the emergency aid ends. Since October 24, the application has been available to workers in general and those enrolled in the Single Registry who are not beneficiaries of Bolsa Família on the website of the Social Security Technology and Information Company (Dataprev).

The contestation is made exclusively via Dataprev. If payment is reinstated, the extension of Emergency Aid will be granted in the month following that of the request for defense; the beneficiary will receive the scheduled deposit plus the previously canceled installment.

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In addition, those who requested the extension of Emergency Aid and whose application was refused will also be able to appeal the decision from today (31) also on the Dataprev website, until November 9. If the request is accepted, the extension payment will only be deposited in the month following the request (the measure does not apply to Bolsa Família beneficiaries, whose contestation criteria will still be disclosed).


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