Emergency Aid 2021: See how to update your registration


The payment of the installments of the 2021 emergency aid starts in April, but whoever is able to receive it will need to update their registration data by the end of this month. It will not be necessary to attend the Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) branches for this, the conference will be made directly through the CAIXA Tem application, the main platform for receiving and administering the benefit.

How to use CAIXA Tem

Open the CAIXA Tem application.
Select the option “Update your Registration” on the home page.
Follow the instructions shown on the screen.
Send your selfie and more images of the requested documents for analysis, which can be an identity card (RG) or a driver’s license (CNH), CPF and proof of residence. The time for a response if your data has been updated should take about 24 hours.

Calendar of updates

The cadastral update is being done in stages and therefore not all users of the application will find this option available. It started appearing on the 14th for beneficiaries born in March, and should continue until the 31st, with those born in December. Check the availability of dates below:

According to Caixa Ecônomica Federal (CEF), since March 14, more than 1.6 million users have already updated their information. Caixa TEM is the means to pay the four installments of this year’s benefit, with values ​​that can vary between R $ 150 and R $ 375. According to CEF, more than 105 million digital savings accounts were opened to receive the government aid due to the covid-19 pandemic.

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Benefits at CAIXA Tem

The update of CAIXA Tem’s registration will not only serve to receive emergency aid this year: the app can also be used to pay benefits such as Bolsa Família (since November last year), the Emergency Benefit for those who have reduced their wages ( BEm), the PIS / Pasep salary bonus and more for those who needed to withdraw the Guarantee Fund for Time of Service due to the pandemic.

Survey of the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo showed that the majority of beneficiaries of the government’s aid program will receive the lowest amount: 20 million people enrolled in the “single person” category, that is, families composed of just one person. Family groups with two people or more (16.7 million) will receive R $ 250, while the amount of R $ 375 will be allocated to the 9.3 million women who are the sole providers of the home.

Emergency Aid Rules 2021

Emergency Aid 2021 has stricter rules than that paid in 2020: only one person per family will be able to receive the benefit – last year, government aid could be paid to two members of the same family group.

In addition, not everyone who received aid last year will be entitled to the new installments: according to the Basic Income We Want movement, more than 17 million people will be left out – one in four beneficiaries of the previous program will not have access to the new one. financial help.


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