Emergency Aid 2021 only in April: most will receive R $ 150


The federal government plans to publish on Wednesday (17) the provisional measure that sets the values ​​and terms of the new emergency aid, said a source at the Planalto Palace. The document, which recreates the benefit, had already been reviewed by legal and control bodies on Monday. However, the Ministry of Citizenship’s final review still remains.

President Jair Bolsonaro and Economy Minister Paulo Guedes stated that the amount of the aid would be, on average, 250 reais – much less than the R $ 600 paid in early 2020. In a previous article, we at TecMundo we reported that the amounts had been changed, between R $ 175 and R $ 375. The most recent information, however, indicates a new change: the minimum quota has been reduced further, falling to R $ 150 – a value that, in São Paulo , buys only 23% of the basic basket.

How will the new benefit be?

According to the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, most beneficiaries must receive the minimum amount: about 20 million families, classified in the “single person” category, that is, composed of a single person. Another 16.7 million families, who have one more member, will receive R $ 250.

The largest share will be reserved for the 9.3 million women who are the sole providers of their families – who, it is worth remembering, received up to R $ 1,200 when the aid was created. In total, there will be 46 million Brazilians, who will have access to 4 installments of the benefit.

On Monday (15), the National Congress enacted the constitutional amendment that makes it possible to recreate the assistance program. It provides a limit of R $ 44 billion for spending on aid, free of tax rules. In comparison with the amounts previously paid and the current scenario of health and economic crisis, this amount is low – mainly because it will also pay for costs with Dataprev and Caixa, contracted to operate the assistance program.

Emergency Aid MP

After the publication, which, as mentioned previously, should take place this Wednesday, the MP is effective immediately and Congress can approve it in 120 days. Approval, however, can occur with changes.

The economic team’s strategy is to prevent this from happening, preventing parliamentarians from raising the amount of aid or expanding its reach – which would generate the need for more resources. The benefit, which was discontinued in December 2020, is expected to resume in April after all the necessary steps have been taken.