Emergency aid 2021: check the full payment schedule


This Wednesday morning (31) the Federal Government announced the last details of the new round of emergency aid, which begins to be paid on April 6. A little later the full payment schedule was released.

As in the past year, transfers will be released from the months of birth. Therefore, those born in January will receive first, while those born in December will be closer to the end of the months.

Brazilians will be able to consult whether or not they will have access to the benefit on the Dataprev website, starting this Thursday (1st). The verification can be done through this website.

The new emergency aid will be paid in 4 installments, from April to July. Families that are headed by women will receive R $ 375 in each installment. People who live alone will receive values ​​of R $ 150. Meanwhile, families that are not headed by women will receive R $ 250.

Check out the full payment schedule below:

1st Installment

Digital Social Savings
April 6: born in January
April 9: born in February
April 11: born in March
April 13: born in April
April 15: born in May
April 18: born in June
April 20: born in July
April 22: born in August
April 25: born in September
April 27: born in October
April 29: born in November
April 30: born in December
Cash withdrawal
May 4: born in January
May 6: born in February
May 10: born in March
May 12: born in April
May 14: born in May
May 18: born in June
May 20: born in July
May 21: born in August
May 25: born in September
May 27: born in October
June 1: born in November
June 4: born in December

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2nd Installment

Digital Social Savings
May 16: born in January
May 19: born in February
May 23: born in March
May 26: born in April
May 28: born in May
May 30: born in June
June 2: born in July
June 6: born in August
June 9: born in September
June 11: born in October
June 13: born in November
June 16: born in December
Cash withdrawal
June 8: born in January
June 10: born in February
June 15: born in March
June 17: born in April
June 18: born in May
June 22: born in June
June 24: born in July
June 29: born in August
July 1: born in September
July 2: born in October
July 5: born in November
July 8: born in December


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