Embraer Group completes acquisition of former Square Enix Studios


While attention may be focused today on whether Amazon intends to acquire EA, as there have been conflicting reports, another acquisition has been completed. It should be noted that any acquisition takes time and is subject to thorough verification, for example, what Microsoft is currently dealing with in a deal with Activision Blizzard, but for Embracer Group it’s all over with one acquisition. A lot of time may also depend on the size of the companies involved.

Back in May, Embracer Group announced that it had agreed to acquire three major studios from Square Enix: Crystal Dynamics, developer of Marvel’s Avengers, Eidos Montreal, developer of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Square Enix Montreal, developer of mobile games. This $300 million deal also gives Embracer Group the rights to more than 50 intellectual games, including Tomb Raider, Thief, Deus Ex, The Legacy of Kain and others. Obviously, it took some time to complete this transaction, but it did not take effect, affecting more than 1,000 former Square Enix employees.

Having fulfilled all the terms of the transaction and the required regular approvals, Embracer Group completed the acquisition transaction. These three companies form the 12th operational group under the umbrella of Embracer Group Umbrella, which also includes THQ Nordic, Plaion (formerly Koch Media), Coffee Stain, Amplified Game Invest, Saber Interactive, DECA Games, Gearbox Entertainment, Easybrain, Asmodee, Dark Hose. and free Embracer mode. In total, Embracer Group employs about 13,000 people, and has 120 game studios to its credit. This is the largest team in the industry, and it has grown a lot recently.

Embracer is going to reveal new information about this acquisition “later”, and it is likely that the new Square Enix Montreal name will eventually be revealed. But the Embracer Group wasn’t focused solely on that. These former Square Enix studios and their associated IP addresses are no doubt a big step, but Embracer also recently announced that it is buying out Tripwire Interactive, Limited Run Games, Singtrix, Tuxedo Labs, Bitwave Games and Gioteck. At the same time, she also received intellectual property rights to the production of Lord of the Rings games and other small things.

Embracer Group continues to grow rapidly and is currently developing about 150 games. While Crystal Dynamics will likely continue to focus on Marvel’s Avengers, more could easily happen. Ultimately, Crystal, Eidos and Square Enix Montreal may well add something else to this pile under development.


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