Embarrassing offer to cryptocurrency accounts on Twitter!


It is claimed that a company called Zeus Capital has offered 5 BTC in exchange for spreading bad news for LINK to multi-cryptocurrency accounts on Twitter.

Cryptocurrency accounts with thousands of followers on Twitter came from Zeus Capital to offer FUD for LINK for a fee.

According to the CoinTelegraph, the LUD, which has attracted the attention of the crypto world with its recent rise, has been asked to generate negative news, such as FUD (Fear-Uncertanity-Doubt, Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt).

Zeus Capital has come up with news via Twitter ads that LINK is a fraud. The company went even further and called on its followers from Twitter to sue LINK CEO Sergey Nazarov a few days ago.

In the screenshot that Scott Melker shared on July 29, he sent a message from Zeus Capital and said, “Do you want to analyze LINK’s latest price action in your social media for a fee? We would be very happy for that. Thank you ”remark is remarkable.

Melker, who has more than 108 thousand followers on Twitter, was not the only ‘influencer’ to report this situation. While 75 thousand followers, Josh Rager did not consider the messages, Smokey shared the screenshots of the messages with his followers. Since these users did not respond to the communication with Zeus, it is unknown how much the company wants to recommend them.

However, a user managed to take the matter even further. 5 BTC was offered to the user “icebergy”, who has more than 12 thousand followers, in exchange for sharing a “bad LINK graphic”. This figure corresponds to about 55 thousand dollars. According to the message on the screenshot, the company asked the user if the offer was still valid after a while.

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Crypto Bitlord, with 122,000 followers, said, “I can say that after examining LINK, it can go to zero. Even tonight! The graphic also looks terrible. ”It is very likely that this would be an irony.

Reverse effect

Zeus’ desire to deteriorate LINK by using ‘influencers’ has had the opposite effect for the company. Many users and ‘influencer’ reacted to this and the company.

What is the purpose of spreading bad news?

Zeus Capital recently published a report that guarantees a 99 percent gain and opens a ‘short’ position on Chainlink. However, it was learned that the website was licensed only 7 months ago and that the company’s Twitter account was suspended several times in the past on the grounds that it did not comply with the platform rules. On July 27, the firm suggested to its 3800 followers to file a mass action for ‘pump and dump manipulation’ in LINK.

On the other hand, in the LINK analysis conducted by Melker free of charge, the token, which has been rising seriously in the last period despite the comment that “there is no bull,”, is still at the level of $ 7.17.


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