“Elvis” star Austin Butler called the king of rock and roll an “extraordinary man”


Austin Butler was ready to take on the role of Elvis Presley, which he remembered for a lifetime, absorbing everything he could about this artist. This approach meant that he focused his attention on the king of rock and roll for almost three years when he was shooting Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis. After studying as much as possible about Presley, Butler came to the conclusion that Presley was “an extraordinary man.”

Butler lived with the ghost of Elvis Presley during the filming of “Elvis”

Filming of Elvis began in March 2020 in Australia.

A few days earlier, Butler’s colleague in the film Tom Hanks was diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Luhrmann subsequently stopped producing the film.

However, instead of returning to California, Butler stayed in Australia and learned even more about Presley’s life and music.

However, according to GQ magazine, Butler is even more immersed in the image.

“It’s just images of Elvis everywhere, from any time period,” the actor explained.

“I think the film would have been completely different if we had started shooting at that moment. I am grateful that I had time to allow myself to pickle.”

Butler watched and listened to everything he could on his subject.

The actor learned to speak, sing and move like the king of rock and roll.

The director of “Elvis” Baz Luhrmann told GQ about his confusion about the accent that Butler will adopt. The actor was so deeply immersed in the role that his voice changed.

“I asked one of my assistants [about Butler’s accent] and he said, ‘Well, he’s not a Southerner.’ He’s from Anaheim [California],” Luhrmann said.

Actor Austin Butler called Elvis Presley an “extraordinary man”

Butler says Presley is an “extraordinary person” in the Instagram video above.

“We all know the Elvis icon,— Butler said. “But what always fascinates me is the subtleties of the human being.”

“He was the American dream,” the actor continued.

Butler later confirmed that he began by being a “sponge” in regards to Presley’s life and music.

“I read all the books I could reach, watched everything, treated it like a detective. In addition, I work with different vocal teachers and work on it, because the voice is very important for Elvis,” explained Butler.

Butler wanted to pay tribute to Presley and honor his life with his characterization.

“He was such an extraordinary person, bigger than life itself. It was something like “how do you climb Everest?” Step by step,” the actor concluded.

Tom Hanks gave Butler advice on how to break up with PresleyBut after being so deeply immersed in the role, it was difficult for Butler to pull himself out of the rabbit hole created by Presley.

Subsequently, Hanks gave Butler wise advice on how to separate himself from Presley’s ghost.

He told GQ that Hanks’ advice was simple.

However, the Oscar-winning actor told Butler that he was trying to read something that had nothing to do with his daily work.

This idea allowed Butler to separate himself from his role, giving him a personal respite.

Austin Butler is the king of rock and roll when Elvis hits theaters on June 24.