Elvis contacted Top Gun: Maverick after the first weekend with $30.5 million


With Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis debut last weekend, the biopic has now shared the top spot with Top Gun: Maverick at the box office.

During this rare tie, according to Sunday studio estimates, Luhrmann’s latest film and “Best Shooter: Maverick” earned $30.5 million each. However, the final weekend results were tallied on Monday morning, when Elvis earned $31.1 million after a strong Sunday, according to Warner Bros., and Tom Cruise’s newest movie ended the weekend with $29.6 million.

The box office jump is mainly due to the re-release of Top Gun: Maverick on some IMAX screens and other premium widescreen screens. In its fifth weekend, the film grossed over $1 billion worldwide, making it Cruise’s biggest hit. However, they suspected frustration due to the expectation of the latest biographical film of Luhrmann. A recent survey shows that 56 percent of Elvis’ audience is currently over 35, including 29 percent over 55. The biopic directed by Austin Butler is a skewed woman (57 percent) and, as predicted, played best in the South. Viewers graced the film with an A-CinemaScore rating and 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. “To reach this level of business and see older moviegoers returning to cinemas is an outstanding achievement,” said the head of internal distribution at Warner Bros. Jeff Goldstein. Worldwide, the biopic grossed $20 million with a global launch of $50.5 million. The UK and Australia led the way with $4.7 million each.

Ahead of the weekend, tracking showed that Elvis would open in the $25 million range domestically. However, Luhrmann’s first weekend was the first non-holiday weekend in five years when four titles earned $20 million or more (Elvis, The Best Shooter: Maverick, Jurassic World: Dominion and Black Phone). In addition, the weekend marked a historic milestone for Maverick when it became the second Hollywood release of the “post-pandemic era” to break the $500 million mark domestically (the first place belongs to last year’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which earned $804 million).

In general, there was an increase in sales in cinemas last week. Last weekend, a wide range of films were released that remain at the top of the rankings, and the casual moviegoer has plenty of options to watch. From family movie lovers (Lightyear), horror fanatics (The Black Phone) to nostalgic fans (Dominion and Maverick), the last weekend of June seems like the perfect time to visit cinemas.

While Elvis has completed its first weekend, sales are still expected to grow. When the first full week in theaters begins, Warner Bros. can expect another major box office sale.

“Elvis” and “Best Shooter: Maverick” are in theaters everywhere right now.