Elven Ring Video Shares Disturbing Revelation About Godwin and Deadly Decline


Fans of FromSoftware are probably more than familiar with the disturbing details that a developer can add to their games. Elden Ring supports this tradition, and six months after the launch, players continue to discover intriguing things about this role-playing game. The latest revelation is related to the disturbing status effect of Death Blight, which can instantly kill an Elden Ring player with spikes, and his connection to Godwin. This discovery has disturbing implications that could lead to some interesting new theories.

Elden Ring players who have completed a significant part of the game are probably familiar with the fate of Godwin the Golden. His murder, confirmed in the opening video of Elden Ring, left his body in a state of undead. Now his corpse acts like a plague, spreading its prickly roots under the Lands Between. The Death Pestilence status effect is one of the products of the Death Prince’s distribution, and players interested in the character should take a closer look at the Death Pestilence spikes.

In the latest Elden Ring video by YouTuber Zullie the Witch, she shows what the spikes of the Pestilence of Death are actually made of. When you increase the spikes, you can see that these are not ordinary spikes, but rather insect wings. The video also indicates that Godwin’s second body, found in Deep Roots, is surrounded by hordes of these white-winged insects buzzing around him. It is implied that Godwin’s rot generates these insects, and they are in Godwin’s corpse, as well as in the player’s corpse if they die from Deadly Rot.

Zully suggests that this may be FromSoftware’s implementation of an outdated concept called “spontaneous generation”. This idea postulated that creatures like maggots and fleas were simply born out of dirt or dead flesh. Now it is obvious that this is not true, but it creates an interesting theory that is embedded in the knowledge of the Elden Ring surrounding the undead.

Another association that Zully creates is related to the Wormface enemies in the Elden Ring. When Deadly Rot strikes, the animation shows worms flying out of the body. Then it is possible that these worms also spontaneously arose due to Godwin’s disease. If this is true, then perhaps the worms on the face of the Worms are related to Godwin. Worm-faced attacks, in particular, cause Deadly rot, so the worm’s association with Godwin seems obvious.

Zully lays the groundwork for another very intriguing theory, but there is almost certainly more to explore on this issue. Insects are the main component of the Elden Ring and appear differently in the role-playing game. Dragonflies hover over the world, scarabs restore health and FP, and fireflies and butterflies are used in crafting recipes. In addition, there are the giant ants of the Einzel River and the Vermilion Rot pests of the Great Monastery, where the Cursed Death Mark is a centipede, and the Shooting Star beasts themselves are terrifying insects. Insects are everywhere in the Elden Ring, but only FromSoftware knows why.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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