Elven Ring Video Reflects on Why Ranny Doll Has Four Hands


A new video from the Witch Zully examines in detail why Ranny from Elden Ring and all the other dolls in the RPG have four hands. Elden Ring players who have passed the game probably noticed the number of hands Ranny has, as well as the puppets — after all, it’s hard to ignore the puppets with two bows. Probably few people wonder why FromSoftware decided to give all the Elden Ring dolls four hands, but FromSoftware usually has a reason for all the design options.

The Elden Ring is full of puppet enemies, but mostly they are divided into two types. There are standard puppet enemies that hide behind corners in caves or are near magicians, and there are also half-sized “winged” puppets that, on closer inspection, use their second set of hands to hold their wings. All these Elden Ring puppet enemies have four arms, but why they were made like that and who made them is never explained.

The answer can be found in the witch Ranny. Ranny, whose body was destroyed, placed her soul in the doll’s body. An inspection of the armor from the Snow Witch kit worn by this doll explains that the doll was modeled after the Snow Witch herself, a powerful magician and secret mentor of Ranny. Then the answer could be that the Snow Witch herself had four hands.

The Snow Witch is not part of the Elden Ring, except for some light references, so it’s impossible to know if she had four hands or not. There are no known races with four arms in the Interlands, so it is unique in itself. The only thing that can be compared is the Ghost Summoner and the Ghosts, who are nobles who have grafted hands to their bodies.

Unfortunately, there are no clear answers to the question of why Ranny and the puppets have four hands, just more questions. The answer seems to lie with the Snow Witch. Maybe she had four arms, or she could have grafted on extra arms. She may also be responsible for the design of the puppets, a design she planted in the royal family of Caria, as well as in the Academy of Paradise of Lucaria and her sorcery.

The riddle of Ranny with four arms is itself part of an even bigger riddle, which was FromSoftware’s goal regarding Elden Ring’s obsession with limbs in general. Vaccinations are a big part of the world, as is the use of prosthetics, such as Malenia’s arm and leg. The giants have an extra face, the dragon lord Placidusax has many heads (or was), and the cosmic being Astel has many arms, wings and much more. Even the last boss of Elden Ring, Elden Beast, can have about a dozen wings. Of course, there is a reason for these decisions, but FromSoftware does not share its secrets.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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