Elven Ring: Rivers of Blood Katana Assembly Guide


The “Rivers of Blood” katana is an extremely powerful weapon in the Elden Ring, in no small part due to its ability to cause blood loss and the “Corpse Collector” skill. Indeed, these weapons can be absolutely destructive, especially when they are supported by an additional build.

This guide contains recommendations on how to build around the Bloody Rivers in Elden Ring and will help players get the most out of this unique katana.

Updated by Eric Petrovich on September 11, 2022: When going to build “Rivers of Blood” in the Elden Ring, players should remember a few things. For example, finding the perfect distribution of characteristics at level 125 gives you the opportunity to compete with a large number of PvP players. For the katana assembly, Rivers of Blood Elden Ring offers a lot of talismans, armor options and even additional weapons that can make a difference between triggering bleeding on an enemy or not (since Rivers of Blood cannot be filled with Ashes of War). This is a non-permanent build that requires certain parts to work effectively, and knowing where to go and what each part does can greatly simplify the process of assembling a powerful Rivers of Blood build.

Best Stats for Rivers of Blood

Arcane magic and agility are the most important characteristics for dealing damage with the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood katana, and they should be given priority. Players must also make sure they have enough Energy to withstand a few significant blows, and then upgrade their Intelligence and Stamina stats to ease the barrage of attacks and use the “Corpse Collector” skill.

Above is an example of the correct distribution of characteristics for a level 125 samurai using two rivers of blood. This is just a suggestion, as part of the appeal of Elden Ring is the ability to experiment on your own. If you find that you need more FP, health, stamina, or you want to connect rivers of blood with magic or spells, there’s nothing wrong with a little redistribution. Just keep the Arcane Magic and Dexterity at a high level and keep the Power high enough to use the weapon effectively.

Rivers of blood Weapons for the left hand and ashes of war

It is recommended that players use the “Rivers of Blood” katana at the same time as Uchigatana or Nagakiba, while the second of these two options requires adding some additional points to the Strength.

In addition, fans are encouraged to apply the Seppuku skill to their secondary weapon regardless of which sword they eventually choose for this slot. Indeed, this setup makes the characters extremely effective at causing the enemy to lose blood, which is the main focus of this build.

Uchigatana: can be found in the Catacombs of the Touched by Death in Limgrave. Nagakiba: can be obtained by the Jura quest chain in the Elden Ring. Seppuku Ashes of War: Can be obtained for killing an invisible scarab east of the Freezing Lake, a Patch of Grace in the Mountain Peaks of the Giants.

Rivers of Blood Armor and Talismans Sets

The only piece of armor that players using the Rivers of Blood katana must necessarily equip is a White Mask, as this helmet increases attack power by 10% for 20 seconds after blood loss. Fans who like to use jump attacks might also consider equipping a Raptor Black Feathers chest to boost those attacks by about 10%. The other two armor slots can be filled at the player’s request, if they take care not to fall under the heavy load of equipment.

White Mask: Thrown by an invader in the Blood Lake area of Mogwin Palace in Elden Ring. Impossible to get, if Could, the Blood Lord was killed. Black Lizard Feathers: in a chest behind an illusory wall in the cave of the sage of the Altus Plateau.

When it comes to Rivers of Blood mascots, there are three that go great with the build, and a free slot that you can use as you see fit. The Blood Lord’s Glee is the only important Talisman for this build, as it gives a 20% attack boost when blood loss occurs nearby, and folds with a White Mask. Players should consider equipping the “Rotten Winged Sword” insignia to increase attack power on consecutive strikes, as well as the “Karian Filigree Coat of Arms” to reduce FP skill costs (also known as “Corpse Collector”) by 25%.

There are many suitable options for the fourth Talisman slot. Both the Favor of Erdtree +2 and the Seal of Sores deserve attention if the player wants a more general enhancement of his character, while the Talisman of the Claw may be better for those who like jumping attacks and are combined with Black Lizard Feathers. Fans may also consider Godskin Swaddling Cloth or Taker’s Cameo, as they will bring a bit of healing to the build.


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