Elven Ring Player Points out an interesting detail about the Three Sisters and Seluvis


Elden Ring has an extensive map with many different subregions, each of which presents a unique challenge for the player. The game begins in the Limgrave area, where the user progresses through the plot as tarnished. From here, the player can freely explore any part of the Intermediate Lands and meet intriguing characters such as Blade, Roderick, Melina, Irina and Edgar. Many of these Elden Ring NPCs have unique quests with exciting rewards, and Ranny’s quest is perhaps the most popular.

During the Ranny quest line, Elden Ring fans must travel to different parts of the map to complete certain tasks and defeat enemies. At some point, players are called to a place called “Three Sisters”, which is located in a larger Liurnia in the Lakes region. Access to the three sisters can be obtained after clearing the Kariya estate and defeating the boss of the Royal Knight Loretta. Now one keen-eyed fan has discovered an interesting detail about the whereabouts of the “Three Sisters”.

Reddit user French-dudev3 recently uploaded an image titled “This area is called the Three sisters, which means Seluvis is the boss girl.” The picture shows a part of the Elden Ring map containing the Three Sisters area, which consists of three subdomains called Renna’s Rise, Ranni’s Rise and Seluvis’s Rise. All three of these places are located relatively close to each other and may be of much greater importance. The user hints that each of these three sites is dedicated to three sisters, two of whom are Ranni and Renna, both are female names. Following this logic, the third building, the Rise of Seluvis, must also belong to one of these so-called sisters; therefore, Seluvis must be a woman.

This area is called the “Three Sisters”, which means that Seluvis is the boss girl from Eldenring.

The post eventually caught the attention of the huge Elden Ring community on Reddit. The image received more than 6,600 votes in just a few hours, and many people left interesting comments. Most people joked about Seluvis as a woman with a manly voice, while some suggested that it might be a reference to astrology. Reddit user Palgari notes that the stars in the Orion Belt are also called the Three Sisters, and the fate of Ranni is connected with the Stellar Foul Radan holding the stars.

Basically, users agreed that all this could be just a coincidence, since the fate of Seluvis is revealed later in the game. Seluvis is the central character in Ranny’s quest line and plays an integral role in the entire storyline, which can affect the game’s ending. Elden Ring players first encounter Seluvis in ghost form on Ranni’s Rise, after which he becomes available in physical form on Seluvis’s Rise.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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