Elven Ring Player makes epic miniatures of Radegon and not only


Even as the year draws to a close, the influence of Elden Ring on the gaming atmosphere remains as strong as ever. It may have slowed things down a bit in a single player game, as it’s quite common, but many fans are just waiting in the wings when FromSoftware announces the Elden Ring DLC. Other fans show a creative approach to building, creating fan art, and so on.

Next year, Elden Ring will receive an adaptation of the board game. It will be interesting to see how all this FromSoftware knowledge and everything else transforms into the desktop world, but it seems one fan couldn’t wait for it. Redditor mwolf805 recently shared some of the Elden Ring miniatures they made and colored.

Transferring Elden Ring to his desktop world, mwolf805 made a miniature for Fingercreeper, an NPC very similar to Korin, and Radagon from the Golden Order. All of them are pretty good examples of a game that can be brought to life, and Fingercreeper is quickly becoming a cult enemy for the game. The way they come out of the ground and attack, especially in some of the spookiest places in the Elden Ring, is great. It seems that the wife of a Reddit user also thought that Fingercreeper was creepy, and mwolf805 decided to make it bigger, very similar to what happens in the game when meeting these creatures. The way this miniature captures small details, such as nails, as well as a gold ring on one finger, is impressive.

Radagon is another good choice. Although the miniature looks worse than Radagon in the game (since his body is essentially decomposing), it conveys the aesthetics and general appearance of the boss quite well. Miniature design and drawing are no doubt challenging skills to master, but it’s no surprise that these miniatures will appear in the upcoming Elden Ring tabletop role-playing game. At least it’s a good way to prepare for this experience and pass the time while waiting for the new Elden Ring.

Indeed, despite the fact that the community shares its love for the game in different ways, one common element is the desire for more. It is believed that FromSoftware is working on the Elden Ring DLC, since many major games from its catalog also received extensions after launch, and generally speaking, bosses in the FromSoftware DLC are much more difficult. For those who are looking for more knowledge, more world building and more punishments, DLC will be exactly what they need, no matter how long it takes. At least this should happen before the release of the board game.

Elden Ring is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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