Elven Ring Platform Trick Makes It Easier to Access the Secret Caelid Platform


The journey through the scarlet wasteland of Kalida became a little easier thanks to the player Elden Ring, who found a way to get to the secret platform, which many players had difficulty reaching. Since its release in February, the game has been offering fans of the Soulsborne series of games a world of exploration and discovery, and new updates and potential DLC Elden Ring are still on the way.

The Lands Between from the dark fantasy role-playing game FromSoftware with an open world holds many secrets and hidden treasures that players are still discovering for themselves. One such hidden treasure is the Rain of Arrows, an enhancement of the Ashes of War that works especially well with builds that use large bows, sending a stream of magical arrows at the enemy for a short period of time. It’s a great item, but it’s notoriously hard to get. Not only is the Ashes of War located in the Dragon Mound of Greyall, a region of Calida known as a difficult place for low-level players to pass the Elden Ring, it is also located on a platform at the foot of a long cliff decorated with roots from nearby Little Erdtry.

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This is a great opportunity to show the platform mechanics of Elden Ring, but Game Rant shared a video of a user who found a smart way to get an update. The video was posted on r/EldenRing by Reddit user MeticulousMitch and shows them riding a Torrent into a spiritual spring, those air funnels that allow the Torrent to jump to a great height. Since using the spirit spring negates any fall damage when used, the Torrent can swim over the edge of the cliff and descend completely to the hidden platform without having to use any of the Erdtree roots to navigate. Players will still need to take care of the golem waiting below, but this trick saves them all the hassle and frustration associated with a clunky platformer all the way down.

This kind of platformer tricks greatly simplify the journey through hostile regions of the Interland and often unexpectedly involve the player’s faithful spiritual steed, sometimes even using glitches to facilitate navigation. One player once discovered a glitch that caused the Elden Ring Torrent to fly. This glitch was discovered by speedrunners after it was discovered, although it has since lost popularity. What makes the platforming trick of methiculousmitch interesting is that it doesn’t use any glitches or exploits, using only what is possible in the game, with some clever definition of Torrent momentum.

Elden Ring continues to open up to players in different and unexpected ways: from whole levels consisting of false doorways and secret tunnels, to the realization that the graces scattered across all the Lands Between look like sprites of humanity from Dark Souls. Whatever the future of Elden Ring, discoveries like this show why so many players keep coming back to this complex but vast game.