Elven Ring: Location of all keys with a strong sword


Where do the four bell towers lead? Key to the reinforced sword No. 1 Key to the reinforced sword No.2 The key to the reinforced sword No. 3

It is obvious how much effort has been spent on developing massive works of Intermediate Lands in the Elden Ring, including dozens and dozens of hidden bosses, secrets, and even entire areas that can only be found in the wilderness. A perfect example of this is the “Four Bell Towers”, a strange landmark built on a hill, on which four different autonomous bell towers are visible, reaching high into the sky.

There are mysterious way gates at the base of each of these bell towers, but players will not be able to just walk up to these gates and pass through them. First, they need to unlock the mysterious seal that guards them with the help of a special imp statute nearby. Unfortunately, ordinary stone sword keys will not work on these special statues, they will only accept durable sword keys. In the Elden Ring, you can find three such special keys.

Updated by Eric Petrovich on September 11, 2022: At the top of the Four Bell Towers there are three places for keys with a reinforced Elden Ring sword, each next to each other. However, each of these gates leads to completely different places. The chest at the top of this area has one key to a sturdy sword, but it can be difficult to choose which gate to open first. The hints next to each one give a vague description of where they lead you, but it would be nice to know where each gate leads before you waste this precious item. There are three of them in the game, and, all things considered, it’s not that difficult to find them. However, it can be painful to go back, so keep an eye out for the other two Elden Ring locations with Imbued Sword Key as you travel through the game.

Where do the four bell towers lead?

Once players have access to all three keys to the durable sword, they will be able to open all the gates available in the “Four Bell Towers”. Players can access these gates at any time if they have a key in their inventory and they don’t have to wait for them to collect them all.

Here is a look at what is under each bell tower, starting from the lowest part of the hill and moving up.

Gate #1 (below) — this gate will take players to one of the zones of the final game, giving them an idea of what awaits them as they progress through the Elden Ring storyline. In this section of Crumbling Farum Azula, players can jump off a number of platforms to get to the chest with the Pearl Dragon talisman. From here, players won’t be able to access the rest of the Crumbling Farum Azula, but it’s worth unlocking it first, as the Pearl Dragon Talisman offers a bonus to reduce non-physical damage. Waygate #2 (middle) — The second Waygate bell tower leads players back to the Chapel of Anticipation, where the Elden Ring begins. This will allow them to re-enter the boss battle against The Grafted Scion. In addition, here players can find a dead girl for the Varre quest chain. This is a good choice if you need items that can be obtained as a reward for a Grafted offspring, or the blood of a dead virgin. There is also an item that is used for the Nefeli Lux quest line — look for a door that has not been opened before. Gate #3 (above) — The third and final Gate will take players to Nocron, the Eternal City, where they can jump onto a bridge-like structure to find a Spotted Necklace and a Knight of the Lesser Crucible (from which no loot falls except runes). . From here, players won’t be able to access the rest of Nokron, the Eternal City, and it’s best to leave it for last, since there aren’t many good reasons to go there other than the Spotted Necklace.

The key to the durable Sword No. 1

Players will not have to search for a long time or go far for the first Key to a durable sword, as it can be found in Four bell towers in Liurnia by the lakes. Three of these bell towers have way gates located at their base, with a vague description for each place where they will take you. The fourth bell tower, located at the very top of the hill, has a chest under it, not its own gate.

Inside the chest is the first key to a durable sword, which can be taken and used at any other gate of the bell tower, regardless of the order. There are good reasons to use any of the three Gates, so be wise in choosing the first one to unlock, otherwise you will have to find another Key to a durable sword elsewhere.

The Key to the Durable Sword #2

To get the second Key to the durable sword, players need to unlock and enter the Academy of Paradise Lucaria. This can be done by pulling out a special key from a shiny stone to gain access to this area. Once inside, the players must go to the debate room, the house of the Red Wolf Radagon. From the debate room, which opens after defeating the Red Wolf, exit through the door to the courtyard and climb the stairs on the left side of the area. There are a lot of enemies and two sorcerers, but you can run past them and jump off the railing at the top of the stairs.


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