Elven Ring Let Me Solo It can be called by everyone thanks to fashion


The new Elden Ring mod allows players to summon the legendary Let Me Solo Her as spiritual ashes in battle along with his signature pitcher hat.

The new Elden Ring mod allows players to summon the now legendary Let Me Solo Her as a useful spiritual ash. Like many other FromSoftware games, Elden Ring is incredibly complex and filled with a variety of challenging creatures and bosses that can quickly kill players who are not fully prepared for the dangers of the Interland. It has also become incredibly popular over the past couple of months: Elden Ring has already been named one of the most financially successful releases of 2022, and the Internet regularly hosts live broadcasts and high-speed walkthroughs of players performing the main chain of quests and destroying the infamous Elden punishments. Fight bosses using increasingly creative methods.

One particularly notable example is Let Me Solo Her (aka Reddit user KleinTsuboiOW), an Elden Ring player who quickly attracted everyone’s attention by single-handedly defeating the infamous Malenia, Mikella’s Blade, with nothing but a jar on his head. While quite a few Elden Ring players challenged Malenia without any armor, Let Me Solo Her lost to the Elden Ring boss hundreds of times before finding the best strategy to overcome her powerful attack, and has been considered a hero among Elden Ring players ever since. showing others how to defeat one of the game’s most infamous bosses. Shortly after Let Me Solo Her defeated Malenia, fans took to social media to post memes and fan art telling about his victory and proclaiming him one of the deadliest fighters in the Inter-Lands.

Youtuber and modder Elden Ring Garden Of Eyes recently posted a new video of their latest Elden Ring mod, which allows players to summon the avatar of Let Me Solo Her Tarnished in the form of spirit ashes. This mod replaces the existing Ashes of a Lone Wolf with a famous man with a sword and a ceramic jug on his head, who continues to fight any opponent with dexterous throws and sword strikes when summoned in the heat of battle. The in-game biography of the summoning of the spirit of Let Me Solo Her describes the famous warrior as “one of the most dangerous puppets of Seluvis” and ends with a quote from Let Me Solo Her himself, which is said to echo at all times: “I always carry a jar on my head, and I do not refuse any fights with the bosses of Malenia”.

This is far from the first notable Elden Ring mod from Garden Of Eyes, as they previously created a mod that allows players to summon a pair of clone spirits of one of the most legendary bosses of the game – Godfrey, the First Elden Lord. Other Elden Ring modders have created much more outlandish spiritual ash challenges, such as a rolling boulder that can destroy bosses like Margit, Fall Omen in one hit, as well as one of the giant walking mausoleums in the shape of a turtle.

Let Me Solo Her didn’t need a massive appeal to defeat Malenia, and now other Elden Ring fans are calling on him to help in their own battles in the form of mods similar to the one recently shared by Garden Of Eyes. Taking only two katanas and an improvised pitcher hat into battle, Let Me Solo Her has become a legend among the ever-growing Elden Ring fan base, but using as the basis for a modified spirit summoning must be one of the highest form of flattery he could receive from a fellow Elden Ring player.