Elven Ring: how to open the gates of the Academy of Paradise Lukari and (location of the Flintstone key)


The Lucaria Paradise Academy is the main dungeon in the Elden Ring, located in the Liurnia region. However, players cannot simply enter the Academy the first time they encounter it, as they must first open the gates of the Southern Paradise of Lucaria.

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To do this, fans will need to get hold of the Glintstone Academy key in the Elden Ring, and this guide details exactly where this item can be found.

Updated by Eric Petrovich on July 31, 2022: There are many riddles in the Elden Ring, some are easier to solve than others. For example, in Leindell there is a puzzle with a statue of Radagon, the solution of which is only hinted at in a short message found nearby, and the puzzle “Converted Tower” requires a special gesture and helmet, which is hinted at only by the word “Erudition”. Fortunately, learning how to open the gates of Lucaria’s Paradise is not as difficult as these two examples. In fact, players can get a map right next to the south gate of Raya Lucaria, which leads directly to Glintstone Key. Getting the key to the Raya Lucaria gate is as easy as walking through this in-game map to the right place, but this map casually misses the presence of Glintstone Dragon.

Elden Ring: Where to get the Glintstone key for the South Raya Lucaria Gate

Players hunting for the Glintstone Key must first go to one of the Academy seals, namely the sealed entrance closest to the Academy Gate City. Passing by the Chariots of Fire and a small army of Soldiers of the Paradise of Lucaria, you should see a ramp smoothly rising leading to Mercy and a sealed entrance. Although you obviously can’t get through, go to him anyway and look for the body from the side — the object found on this body, the map of the meeting place, indicates the location of the Glintstone key nearby.

After collecting, view the map in your inventory by going to the “Information” tab (just scroll once to the left, since this is the last inventory tab). This map has been reproduced above to more accurately show the location of this meeting place — if you know where this place is, you don’t actually need to have this map to get the sealed key to the gates of the Paradise of Lucaria. However, be careful, as upon arrival you will meet a sleeping dragon.

Smarag, Keeper of the Key of the Shining Stone

To get to the meeting point, start with one of the nearest graces. The Temple Quarter is closest, but the Pink Church, the Academy Gate City, and the Boiled Shrimp Hut are also relatively close. No matter where you start from, head north to the west side of the Lucaria Paradise Academy. If you get to the Crystal Cave of the Academy, you’ve gone too far. Smarag, the Mulled Stone Dragon, should appear soon. Smarag sleeps when you approach, but will wake up if you get too close.

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There are several corpses lying at the tail of this dragon of the Old Ring, and the one leaning against the large rock formation at the back contains the key to the shiny stone of the Academy. On the ground, the object glows purple, not blue, so if you wake up the dragon and you need to get out of there quickly, look for a purple glow.

To get past Smarag relatively safely, take a Torrent ride around the rock next to which he sleeps, trying to keep him very far away. Jump off the Torrent, sneak behind the formation and jump over to land directly on the body with the Glintstone key.

How to open the gates of the Paradise of Lucaria

Regardless of the player’s decision on whether to kill the Dragon of the Shining Stone Smaraga, return to the Place of Grace near the southern gate of the Paradise of Lucaria as soon as you receive the Key of the Shining Stone. After that, just go to the south gate of Raya Lucaria, wait for the unique entrance to appear, then press Y or triangle to pass through the seal.

On the other side of the southern gate of the Paradise of Lucaria is another Place of Grace, as well as another path leading to the northeast, and an elevator to the southwest. The path leading to the northeast leads to another seal that teleports players to the northeastern part of Liurnia. The elevator, on the other hand, leads to the Academy of Paradise Lucaria, which is apparently a place of higher education when teachers are not busy killing.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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