Elven Ring: how to find amber starlight and what it is used for


Elden Ring, a popular role-playing game from the developers of Dark Souls FromSoftware, expands the classic Souls formula with an extensive open world. The Lands Between are full of secrets to be revealed to players: from terrifying bosses to revealing storylines. In fact, some of the best Elden Ring quest lines are so well hidden that they are very difficult to start and even harder to finish.

One of them is the quest of Mentor Seluvis, which requires players to discover the sorcerer’s secret cave, as well as buy all the Witchcraft of the Old Ring that he has for sale. At some point in the Seluvis quest, players will need to purchase a unique item called Amber Starlight, which the Mentor intends to use in a dangerous potion.

Where to Find Amber Starlight in Elden Ring

Players looking for Amber Starlight will need to advance enough in the history of the Elden Ring to reach the Altus Plateau.

This intermediate region is located to the north of Lake Lyurnia, and you can get to it through the Grand Elevator of Dectus or the Abyss Strewn with ruins. Amber starlight can be found in a cave northeast of the intersection of the Altus Highway, a place of grace that can only be reached through a narrow ravine.

A weathered map with the exact location of the Amber Starlight can be purchased from Pidia, a Karian maid in the Karian Estate. However, players who would like to skip the cost should simply head east for a short distance from the Place of Grace before turning north and looking for a gap in the rocks.

At the back of the cave, players will find Amber Starlight under the statue of Malenia and Michella. There are several ground octopuses in the area, so players should be ready to run or fight after grabbing the Amber Starlight.

How to Use Amber Starlight in Elden Ring

Amber Starlight is a key part of Mentor Seluvis’ quest line. Once players discover the Mentor’s secret chambers outside of Ranny’s Ascent and purchase all of his Magic and Puppets, Seluvis will reveal his plan to turn Ranny into a puppet using a magic potion called Amber Sip.

The key ingredient of this potion is Amber Starlight, and all players need to do to advance the quest is to bring it to Seluvis.

The transfer of Amber Starlight will reward players with a Magical Scorpion Charm, a talisman that increases magical damage, but also causes the player to receive more physical damage. Rebooting the area will give Seluvis time to finish the Amber Sip and allow players to move on to the final stage of his quest chain.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.