Elven Ring fan art shows the reunion of Raikard, Rani and Radan


Elden Ring lore is full of factions and significant events, although demigods make up a significant portion of the main bosses, so it’s not surprising that fans find them interesting. One creative player in Elden Ring clearly loves the children of Radagon and Renalla, as they shared the magnificent art of three siblings gathered for a family photo.

Even though they are siblings, it would be difficult to establish a connection by looking at the characters. The only thing that really connects them is their origin and names starting with the letter P, since Radan, Ranni and Rykard can boast strikingly different looks and stories. For those who want to see art with the image of a general who mastered the magic of gravity, a giant hybrid of a snake and a man and an idealistic woman who took the form of a doll, a recent image should help.

The work in question belongs to a talented Twitter user @Moni95424940, who in the past created and shared some other Elden Ring art. According to the artist, this is a painted version of the previous work, and it looks incredible. There are many details in the image, from the red hair on Radan’s armor to the various scales on Rikard’s body. Rikard’s eyes are particularly good, while Moni also manages to highlight Ranni’s glowing half.

There are several things that stand out in the piece, the most obvious of which is the cheerful tone. This is markedly different from what is usually seen in the world of Elden Ring, as Lands Between is as dark and confusing as the worlds of other FromSoftware games. Despite this, the family members seem happy to be together again, especially Radan and Rykard. While Radan smiles, this is a completely different matter, but Rikard, tossing a sign with a figure and sticking out his tongue, is remembered even more.

Another memorable thing about this work is that the scale of each character is appropriate, which means that Rickard towers over Radan, and Ranni is tiny compared to both her brothers. In fact, the four-armed witch rests on Radan’s shoulder, which adds grace to the image. No wonder the Elden Ring community loves this lighthearted illustration: she has gained almost 25,000 likes on Twitter and a lot of votes on Reddit. As for the comments, the praise of the artist was accompanied by jokes about how Rickard says “family”.

With other fans of the game forcing the demigods of Elden Ring to fight, it’s interesting to see an image that throws some of them into a new light. Since the characters never reunite in the game, such an image is the closest to fans seeing them together again.

Elden Ring is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.