Elven Ring boss Radan kicks the Players’ Asses Again After They Were Accidentally fucked


One of the most difficult bosses of Elden Ring has become more difficult again. FromSoftware released a small patch to strengthen Starscourge Radahn after the massive 1.03 patch accidentally weakened some demigod attacks. Some Elden Ring players are already rejoicing because if there’s one thing they love, it’s being trampled on mercilessly.

The unofficial boss of Redmayne Castle, Radan’s Star Foulness pelts you with arrows, multi-hit combos and a number of gravitational energy attacks to punish greed and sloppiness. He has already become a legendary meme in the Elden Ring community for being both amazing and complete nonsense. However, if you have encountered it in the period from March 17 to yesterday, you have not encountered it in full force due to a mysterious error. Patch 1.03.3, which was released on April 4 on consoles and PCs, fixes this.

“Fixed a bug in the balance setting of the boss “Star Foulness Radan” in update 1.03, due to which the strength of some attacks was unintentionally reduced,” the note says.

Although the notes to the FromSoftware patch remain vague, players were able to notice some changes in Radahn shortly after the release of update 1.03. It is noteworthy that the damage from melee and some other attacks has become less, and its hitboxes for connecting with attacks have also become smaller. Never again.

There are several unique aspects to the battle with Radan, the main one of which is the fact that a group of famous warriors from the fictional universe of the game is called to fight with you. This helps to distract Radan so that players deal damage unnoticed without getting an immediate hit. This also means that Radahn was created to fight with an entire team. There are also classic Souls moments, such as how he disappears into the air in the middle of a fight only to crash back to the ground a moment later, bringing a rain of death and destruction.