Elven Ring: 10 powerful builds


Elden Ring has recently released its many updates, and these patches have put an end to many silly ambitions. Suffice it to say that many assemblies revolving around those that were once suppressed are now more or less dead. On the other hand, it has led to more innovations in the community and attracted attention to other metamaterials.

Be that as it may, there are still several Elden Ringbuild builds that are capable of improving the most difficult aspects of the game. Will they survive the next wave of nerf thanks to updates? Time will tell. But at the moment, these builds are suitable for Elden Lord. It’s time to surprise the girls and strengthen the bass cannon with these builds.

Updated by Sid Natividad on June 29, 2022: The dust has finally settled, and it looks like the balance in the Elden Ring is more or less stable. This means that the Elden Ring builds are safe, as they are now. The Elden Ring OP build will probably still be overloaded with future updates. With that said, some Elden Ring builds have lost popularity here.

Others have also risen to the top of the Elden Ring assembly hierarchy. So it’s time for an update. Keep in mind that some of these Elden Ring builds may or may not lose effectiveness in the near future, especially with the release of DLC and the imbalance.

10 guts of a berserker

Elementary Class Hero/Tramp Weapon(I) Heavy Two-handed Sword (Colossal)Heavy armor of the Misericord Mask of the Black wolf for the helmet of the Night Cavalry for everything else Talismans Fragment of the Alexandratalisman of the Green Tortoiseshell Filigree Coat of Arms Talisman Medicine Bottle Green flash Crystal Tear Purple vortex Bubble blade Weapon Skills Lion’s Claw GreatswordFlames of the Redmane in Misericorde Stat Priority Strength (60/80) Energy (priority 50/60) Reason (if necessary ) Endurance (if necessary for middleweight)

For a pure Power Build, one can’t go wrong with this Berserker tribute build that turned out to be defeated. He makes full use of the Ashes of the Lion’s Claw War in a colossal two-handed sword. Players will basically spam this skill and carry out critical attacks as soon as enemies are hit.

For multiple targets or large enemies, Flames of the Redmades will do all the work to stun them. And yes, this build can and will humiliate Malenia solo without a call.

9 Marais The Executioner

Starting Class Hero’s Weapon/Vagabonds Weapons(I) Marais Executioner Sword Armor Everything heavy that will not lead to rolling fat Talismans Shard of Alexander Icon Godfrey Prosthesis Milicent Rotten/Winged Sword Insignia Medical Bottle Magic Shroud Cracked Tear Spiked cracked Tear Weapon Skills Dancing blade Eochaida Priority characteristics Strength (60/80) Energy (priority 50/60) Arcane Magic (50/60) Mind (if necessary) Endurance (if necessary for middleweight)

This build revolves around using a charged version of the Dancing Blade of Eochaid. It rotates several times like a drill, and does it for longer if charged.

Combined with talismans that increase damage from consecutive attacks and enhance charged attacks, one skill is usually enough to take away huge chunks of health from enemies. It takes some time to get used to this style of play, but the result is worth it.

8 Moon Ice Mage

Elementary class Astrologer/Captive Weapon(I) The Great Sword of the Dark Moon, the Royal Sceptre, the shining staff of the Lusatabron of the Snow Witch, the snow Witch’s hat for the helmet, the armor for the rest of the slots, Talismans, A fragment of Alexander, a magical amulet Scorpionakarian filigree Herbgraven-Mass Talisman, a flask of physics, a magical veil Cracked Tear, a finger bubble tear weapon, Skills, a large sword of Moonlight Spells/ Spells Dark Moon Ranni Shiny Stone Icy Cliff Comet/Night Splinter Magic Loretta’s Big Bow/Skill Characteristics Priority Intelligence (60/80)Energy (priority 50/60)Mind (30/40)Endurance (if necessary for medium weight) Strength (if necessary)

It’s more of a battle mage build, but the idea is the same as in other Frostmage builds. Instead of spamming only Glintstone Icecrag, players will rely on the heavy attack of the Dark Moon Moon Greatsword to fire projectiles. Glintstone Icecrag is here as a fallback.

In boss battles, players will want to start with the Dark Moon Ranny and then use the Ice Cliff for large enemies or the Night Comet for fast and evasive bosses.

7 Blasphemous Paladin

Confessor of the primary class/any weapon (I) Blasphemous blade Armor seals Erdtry Everything heavy that will not lead to fat rolling Talismans Shard of Alexander Enchantment of the fiery Scorpion Painless seal of Radagon/Legacy of Two Fingers Ritual Sword Talisman Medical Bottle Enveloping Flame Cracked Teardrop Hidden Tear Weapon Skills Taker’s Flames Spells/Spells Golden VowFlame, Grant Me Force Stat Priority Faith (60/80) Energy (Priority 50/60) Reason (if necessary) Endurance (if necessary for middleweight)