Elrond Gold Goes to Third Staking Phase


Elrond Gold has revealed details on the third staking phase. Users will be able to benefit from staking innovations gradually as of March 26.

Elrond Gold co-founder Lucian Mincu announced the new staking update to the community. According to the announcement; Staking updates will be made gradually in March, April and May. With this phase, the number of validators will increase to 3,200, and each validator will be able to stake 2,500 eGold.

The maximum amount of eGold that can be deposited to staking with a validating node on Elrond Gold was 2,500, but with the new update this limit was removed. Staking rewards vary depending on the amount of eGold deposited.

What will happen in March?

  • March 26 – Everyone will be able to create their own staking pool in Elrond Gold. In addition, under the name of delegation management, users will be able to start running the eGold node on behalf of others.
  • 26 March at 19:30 – Elrond web wallet and Maiar will be integrated with delegation-managed staking pools. Users will be able to securely interact with their wallets.

What to expect in April and May?

  • April 5 – The most important part of the staking phase will take place this month. The number of network authenticators will reach the maximum. Those who are on the waiting list as a verifier will be able to start serving and earning rewards.
  • April 6 – 320 new nodes will become active validators.
  • April 7 – Rewards for new validators will be given.
  • May 3 – Rewards will no longer be awarded to those who are on the waiting list as a verifier.

Finally, Mincu warned users about security while staking and advised them to stay in touch with the community.


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