Elon Musk’s mistress chose this altcoin: the partnership is established!


Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend, Grimes, has signed a contract with a popular altcoin project to start a children’s metaverse project. The project, which was announced during the Avalanche summit on Friday, is part of the Avalanche Foundation and the $100 million OP3N Culture Catalyst initiative aimed at encouraging creators to create projects on Avalanche.

The Metaverse book will be the first project funded by the Culture Catalyst initiative.

The Grimes book Project is the first project specifically funded by the Catalyst for Culture Foundation. Called the “Intergalactic Children’s Metaverse”, the book consists of a series of educational drawings for babies and toddlers. As part of this project, Grimes aims to create “a deep experience for children that is of great importance for adults as well.” The Canadian artist made the following statements in his statement:

When I first got into Web 3, I expected to see exactly such a project. I am excited to partner to launch a range of educational arts for babies and toddlers to create experiences for children that have profound meaning for adults.

Actively working in the field of NFT, Grimes sold WarNymph collections for almost $ 6 million last year. In addition, the artist also got into the collection of NFT TikTok. OP3N describes itself as a launch pad for empowering developers in Web 3 and is partnering with the Avalanche Foundation to launch a $100 million initiative. The project, titled “Culture Catalyst,” will also include Grimes’ book project.

About OP3N and the Altcoin Project

OP3N is a self-proclaimed “Web3 WeChat” application that supports creative people on the Web 3. The application uses a user interface very similar to TikTok, which allows creators to easily interact with their fans online 3. The funding round was jointly led by Galaxy Interactive and BRV Capital Management.

As part of the Culture Catalyst Foundation, Grimes collaborates with OP3N to further develop and launch the Children’s Metaverse project.