Elon Musk’s April 1 Joke Comes True


A joke Elon Musk made in 2018 came true 2 years later. Electric motor car maker Tesla has now started selling tequila. Tequila, priced at $ 250, can be purchased in some states in the USA.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, the number one name in the electric motor car industry, made a strange breakthrough in 2018. Musk, who managed to stir things up with his statements on Twitter, said Tesla had gone bankrupt. Sharing a photo to further dramatize the event, Musk said he drank “Teslaquilla” in bottles and cried while crying over a Model 3. However, these were just April 1 fools …

A recent development reveals that the name “Teslaquilla”, which we came across as April 1 joke 2 years ago, has now become a real product. Because the company started to sell a very interesting product on its official website. This product is tequila, which is an alcoholic beverage. Tesla branded tequila sold in 750 ml bottles is unprecedented with its bottles.

Introducing tequila officially launched by Tesla

The impressively designed bottle was specially created for Tesla by a bottle manufacturer named “Nosotros Tequila”. The bottle, which is designed to resemble the lightning emoji, also known as the symbol of electricity, and has a very elegant structure, also contains Tesla’s logo.

Launched by Tesla, tequila can currently be purchased on the company’s website. However, the company allows each customer to buy a maximum of two bottles of tequila to reach more consumers. In addition, to be able to buy these tequila, you must be over the age of 21. Turkey’s leave aside, delivery of tequila can not be purchased even in some states in the US, it will begin at the end of 2020 is being expressed. Consumers to buy Tesla’s tequila must pay $ 250.

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