Elon Musk will take a break from Twitter


The businessman Elon Musk announced on Monday (01) that he will be “out of Twitter for a while”. The statement was published in its official profile on the social network itself. He did not elaborate on what motivated the decision, but he had already promised to “go offline” in 2019 and resumed tweeting 3 days later.

Musk’s relationship with Twitter is quite intense. A frequent user of both publications and interactions with other users, he stood out for giving controversial opinions and statements that even had financial consequences. In 2018, a speculation published by him increased the shares of the Tesla automaker, of which he is CEO and large investor. Punished, he left the presidency of the board and paid a fine to the US regulator, but continued to post data about the company.

It was also through the social network that, without proof, he accused pedophilia of the divers who rescued the Thai youth team from a cave in 2018. More recently, the businessman protested the stricter social isolation measures to combat the spread of the new coronavirus and celebrated the successful launch of the SpaceX manned mission in partnership with NASA. He must also take the time off to care for his newborn son, X Æ A-12.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, he said that some of his posts were “extremely stupid”, but he valued the use of the social network. In it, according to Musk, it is possible to communicate directly with people, without having to go through the press. “But it is difficult to make everyone happy, especially on Twitter,” he said. In 2018, he had already stated that his posts “should not be taken seriously”.


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