Elon Musk: what would a Tesla mask look like?


The British company LeaseFetcher, which acts as a kind of virtual car dealership, launched the idea of ​​a different product in the air: a mask to help reduce contagion by covid-19. The curious thing about this story? The accessory received the creative name “Elon Mask”, a joke with the name of Tesla’s entrepreneur and CEO, Elon Musk.

“Elon Musk is not a fan of traditional N95 masks. So, what would a ‘less expensive’ mask be like?”, Asks the brand when presenting the product, and suggesting that the community convince the entrepreneur on its Twitter account to make this concept a reality.

The project does not even exist yet and is another pitch launched by Musk, who has even launched a bottle of tequila under the name of Tesla. He is also a denialist of the seriousness of the pandemic, having even declared that car accidents caused more deaths. In the past few days, however, he tested positive for covid-19, reported symptoms similar to a cold and should be in isolation for a few days.

Meet the mask

The Elon Mask would be a mix of security, modern looks and technology. The colors are similar to those adopted by the automaker’s visual identity, including the logo on the rear.

The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of the particles that would be breathed, a distance alert emits a light to identify approaches and the object would even have “levels” of protection, for times when you are in less unsafe environments. In the largest of them, a display that acts as a Face Shield prevents any kind of contact. A kind of sound amplifier better communicates with other people, even if you are using the accessory.

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On the LeaseFetcher website, you can check out more photos and information about the concept, in addition to generating a ready message in English to be sent to Musk’s profile.


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