Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos: Who is better at space transportation?


Two billionaires, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, are in a big fight to get NASA astronauts into space. Similarly, British businessman Richard Branson takes part in the space race. The trio, dubbed the “space barons” by the press, spend most of their fortunes pursuing their dreams of space travel. They started a modern space race in which ultra-rich businessmen fight for planets instead of countries.

However, all three have slightly different goals of space companies and different visions of how to achieve them. They also made their extraterrestrial venture fortunes in other industries before it. From Musk’s initiatives such as PayPal; From Bezos’ Amazon; Like Branson’s Virgin Group. However, mostly because of the comparisons between the two, we talked about the space ventures of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in our news.

Elon Musk, SpaceX and Falcon rockets

Let’s start our article, where we compare the names of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, with the CEO of Tesla. SpaceX founded the space transportation company in 2002. He was not yet the CEO of electric car company Tesla at the time, and he was not the controversial name of Twitter. The company was born from Musk’s idea of ​​sending a spacecraft called “Mars Oasis” to the red planet.

The vehicle would provide an experimental greenhouse and equipment to take pictures of the planet and send it back to Earth. The billionaire hoped the project would spark new interest in the US government in going to Mars.

Elon Musk asked for a $20 million budget to fund the mission. He also tried to buy intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia. However, he realized that the project had exceeded his budget. He founded SpaceX to develop reusable rockets that would lower the cost of launching people and objects into space.

This was SpaceX’s greatest achievement, its difference; reusable rockets. It has carried out numerous launches for commercial activities and government. In 2012, it became the first private company to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station. Similarly, it became the first private company to send people into space and to the station in 2020.

In April, NASA selected the company to land astronauts on the Moon for the first time since 1972. SpaceX was the company that will transport space in the Artemis mission, but Blue Origin objected.

SpaceX is also working on a broadband Internet service made up of thousands of satellites called Starlink. The project is aimed at providing high-speed Internet to remote and rural areas. As a result, Elon Musk thinks that the future of humanity depends on settling on Mars. In 2020, he said he wants to build a city of 1 million people on Mars by 2050. He plans for humans to reach space with SpaceX’s fleet of Starships.

In the first part of the news about Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, we partially explained Musk’s initiatives. Now let’s move on to the second part…

Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin and the New Shepard rocket

Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of e-commerce company Amazon, has been admiring space travel for decades. He was particularly impressed by physicist Gerard O’Neill’s ideas for space stations that could house millions of people once Earth’s resources were depleted.

Bezos founded the space exploration company Blue Origin in 2000. Its goal was to make space exploration cheaper with recyclable boosters for future launches. The Washington-based company operated in complete secrecy until 2003. Bezos kept his mouth shut about his plans for the next decade or so.

The company is testing a suborbital rocket called the New Shepard to take space tourists to the edge of space in a capsule. The main goal is for space tourists to look at Earth through large windows and experience a few minutes of zero gravity.

Bad news for Bezos in the Musk and Bezos race

In 2019, Bezos suggested that the company will be ready in 2024 and will help establish permanent human habitation on the Moon. He announced plans to land on the Moon called Blue Moon. But the bad news came; Blue Origin’s offer to transport NASA astronauts to the Moon was not accepted, and NASA chose SpaceX for the mission.

Bezos stepped down as CEO of Amazon in 2021. So he said he plans to devote more time to his other ventures, including Blue Origin.


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